Hello, We are iDevelopIT

We Develop( Web, Mobile_Apps ){ and <style> IT beautifully; }

Fully responsive

We make fully responsive (mobile friendly) websites, We use bootstrap or foundation. For mobile apps, We also make adjustment between portrait or landscape mode.

Modern technology

To Provide the best result, We use many modern technology such as AngularJS, NodeJS, CSS3, HTML5, jQuery and many more. For mobile apps, We only make it NATIVELY (not using Phonegap, Corona, etc), so the app can perform faster, better, more fluid, not stuttering, and with more interactivity.

Customized to Your Needs

The result are unique, powerful and beautiful. AND We can provide the best solution to your needs ~ just like You want.

About iDevelopIT

We are iDevelopIT. We are a group of passionate IT professionals, designers and nerds ;p .

We are based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Though we worked globally.

You can say We are like a software house or a digital agency or freelancers, but don't be afraid, We do our job professionally, not because We forced to, but because We loved to do it.

We are developers, We like to code, We like to draw, We like to fight bugs, We like to drink coffee all the time because We don't have time to sleep.

We make excellent websites, responsive or not. We create mobile application (iOS and Android) natively. We also provide IT Consultation, Beta / alpha testing service (yeah.. We know how it should works), web designs, mobile app designs, UI / UX designs, logo / company designs, and also server configuration assistance (linux).

We Can Provides

These are the things We can do for You

Any Design, You Named IT!

Is it web design? or mobile application design? or company logo? branding solution, You say? or brochure? flier, pamphlet, or anything? You named it, We develop it!

E-Commerce Website

A fully functional e-commerce website with shopping cart, online payment, delivery calc and tracking. Optionally with inventory, reporting and Google analytics integration.

Personal Website

So.. You just want to show Your food blogging hobby? or are You a startup who wants to tell the world that You are here? Yes Sir, We can help You!

iOS Application

Have a great idea for an App? have You ever played CoC (Clash of Clan)? no? You better try it!... anyway, We can make a native iOS application for You.

Android Application

Do You know that more than 50% of people in this world use Android? then now You better start to think something to make, then tell us what do You want!


Every complex mobile application will need backend support, and that is the REST API works. Though not only for mobile application, REST can be used as a service as well.. if You need it...

Alpha / Beta Testing

Some of the guys in our team are ex-tester, it means they know very well about automated testing system, the application they used, and the reports. So.. if You need professional tester, We have it.

IT Consultation

Sometimes our client doesn't really know what they need, sometime they ask for everything, sometimes they stuck on how to make it and sometimes they ask for the impossible. And that's where iDevelopIT analyst comes in, to give and make the perfect balance between functionality and beauty.

Server Setup Assistance

Our own server is a VPS based on Singapore. It is Linux with Nginx web server. And We setup it up our self. Some of our client's server also setup and managed by us. So if You need assistance about domain, DNS, server setup and configuration or else. You can contact us.

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